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Here is the blurb…

What is the deadly allure of The Barn? 17-year-old Kat Sullivan has been devastated by the recent death of her twin sister, Abby, the fifth apparent teenage suicide victim in a year in the town of Eddison. Kat begins a desperate search for an explanation and soon realises how little she knew about her sister’s life. Through Abby’s friends Kat is introduced to an underground hangout called the Barn. Here, Kat meets the enigmatic Rob and his friend, Michael, art students who have re-created the infamous pop artist Andy Warhol’s ‘Factory’; a place where creative types can construct art and socialise. Kat gets drawn into Rob’s social scene, initially enjoying the freedom and escape that comes with the Barn’s creativity and nonconformity. She is seduced by the attention of this very attractive stranger, but soon begins to realise that Rob holds a strange influence over the young people – particularly the females – while Michael has a fascination with famous actors and icons who committed suicide or died young. Can Kat trust them to help her find the answers she needs, or will they lead her deeper into a world from which she won’t be able to escape?


‘A striking debut young adult novel…It has layer upon layer of mystery…The insight into teenage angst and emotional turmoil is sensitively handled… Alex Gray, Crime Writer, mentioned in Books of the Year 2015 for The Herald

I couldn’t let go and had to hurry to see who was the bad guy. Because Victoria spreads suspicion all over the place and you’re not totally sure who the evil character is going to turn out to be…’gripping’…’ The Book Witch. See the full review on her blog here 

‘This is a disturbing, addictive book very like The Barn which plays such a central role in the story…It is first and foremost a good read, with a confused but appealing heroine and a hero we are attracted to but really not sure about. In fact, the novel has something of the gothic threateningness I remember from Victoria Holt books I read in my own teens. That is some achievement.’ Paisley Piranha YA Blog See the full review  here

It is astonishing that this is Victoria Gemmell’s debut novel, such is the assurance with which she writes. The mystery of Follow Me unfolds bewitchingly and elegantly within its well-paced narrative and the plot is superbly structured throughout….This is a gripping book which will appeal to young adults from mid-teen upwards, particularly as the characters are both believable and appealing’ J.C – Amazon

‘This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time…Like all great books it’s the little things that make it special – this book has lots of special moments. Skillful dialogue, tension, dark tones and mystery…It’s the sort of book that readers mourn when they finish.’ T.C – Amazon

‘It’s a great story; a fantastic wee mystery… I loved the overall ‘feel’ of this book…The writer keeps you guessing the whole way through the book.’ W.K. – Amazon

‘Gemmell’s prose is engaging and her description so beautiful in parts…Follow Me is a compelling book that has the reader gripped from the beginning. The main character, Kat, is so well formed you are right in her head and stay with her until the end…’ N.K – Amazon

‘Page turning YA novel which keeps you guessing…The mysterious barn in the woods represents a place for experimentation and escape…The author has captured what it means to be young and restless, and delivers a dramatic conclusion before a satisfying ending. Highly recommended.’ Coocoocachoo- Amazon

‘An edgy page-turner…This book had me gripped from the Prologue…I read this book in two nights as I had to find out what happened – the characters and atmosphere of the ‘barn’ really come to life, especially the enigmatic Rob who had me under his spell’ D.D – Amazon



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  1. Great blurb Vikki – has caught my interest & I’m hoping it will interest my daughter & her friends. If they do read it I will encourage them to do reviews. Keep me posted re the launch.

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