In the Press

Last weekend I was delighted that Follow Me got a mention in Shari Low’s Bookclub in the Daily Record.


I’m also in the members’ news section of this month’s Writing Magazine. As I say in my piece, I’ve been subscribing to this magazine for years and always enjoy reading writers’ success stories. It always spurred me on to keep going when submitting my manuscript and it was also a helpful way to find out about publishers you might not have heard of. The magazine has lots of great information about where to submit novels and shorter works. I found out about a lot of online journals thanks to WM, as well as being inspired by the many articles. I’m sure it was here I first read about the idea of keeping an ‘observation diary’ which is a great way to generate story ideas!

And I was also delighted to see another 5* review popping up for Follow Me on Amazon:” I read this book over a week or so because I wanted a little bit every day. I know exactly why this book was a wonderful read because as soon as I finished it, I was hungry for more…”




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