World Book Day

This Thursday is World Book Day which is a celebration of books. Authors are often asked to get involved in events to share their love of reading and writing. This year I’m going to be visiting Crossreach school where I’ll be talking to the pupils about storytelling and how anyone can build a story using their imagination.

A couple of days after this I’m going to be doing a book signing at WHSmith in Glasgow. This is a poster they currently have hanging in their window, (put together by my talented artist friend Rebecca Johnstone aka Dainty Dora  )

If you’re anywhere near Glasgow pop in and say hello. I will answer any questions budding writers and enthusiastic readers may have!

Victoria Gemmell Glasgow poster

Nearer the end of the month I’m going to the Scottish Association of Writers conference. I love going here as it’s a weekend of workshops, catching up with writer friends and eating LOTS of great food in a great hotel! This year I’ve also taken a couple of days off work, (my day job), when I return so that I can immerse myself in writing for that little bit longer.

My days ‘off’ will be spent working on book 3. I’m enjoying writing this one and want to try and get my first draft finished over the next few months. (Then there will be lots of edits of course!). People often ask me how long it takes to write a book. Too long, I usually want to say, because really if I could, I would love to sit and write 5,000 words every day but I rarely have the brain energy to do this after a busy day at work. I’ll often do light edits and set myself up for a good session when I have a bigger chunk of uninterrupted time. If I set aside a day for writing I have learned to be very disciplined about it and treat it like a proper work day, but really it’s more fun than a work day. There’s nothing more blissful than switching off from the ‘real world’ for a few days and switching on some music and getting lost in the worlds I create. (I’m currently listening to Chvrches, who are a Glasgow band. I saw them live for the first time the other weekend and it was a brilliant gig!!).

I’m hoping to also share proper news of book 2 VERY SOON. Bye for now.


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